that consistently and reliably help me live my best life...

Some days our body requires a little extra love. Whether you turn to meal-prep, yoga or meditation, attention from your partner, or just a solid schvitz, everyone has a few tricks up their sleeve to help put some pep back in their step. Personally, I think I have found the workouts I really enjoy. In combination with mindful, healthy eating, these exercises positively affect both my mood and physique. And so, I don't really play around with the ClassPass packages or trying different classes throughout the city. 

With that said, this does not mean I would not be down/open to try something new from time to time, I am just a creature of habit and honestly like what I like/enjoy my routine. After much trial & error, SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone), SoulCycle, and Equinox have stolen my heart. SLT and SoulCycle are so different, but both definitely focus on strengthening the core while simultaneously providing a cardio challenge. Equinox allows me to workout independently, while still taking quality classes. 

SLT & SoulCycle are the sweet treat I allow myself, maybe once a month, budget permitting. Equinox is the daily/weekly go-to.